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Creator's resources

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right resources, feel free to use our tools!

Marketing and media

Need a photoshot? Looking for advices on how to promote your product? We are here to help and this service is free.

Marketing team:

Concept and prototyping

Need help on drawing, conceptualisation and prototyping? Our team of designer is here to help you with your collection. This service is free (Price of materials and prototyping not included).

Contact: Lorraine Vurlod (French) – Artistic Director
Tel: +41 21 561 32 24

Supply and trade

Find fabric and raw materials at a lower price. All produced in Europe and made out of fair-trade and ecological production.

Contact: +41 43 216 41 05


Need to scale up to keep up with demand? Need to setup a production line, we can help you figure this out! This service is free

Contact: Lionel Pham
Tel: +41 21 561 32 22


Custom packaging seems hard to find for small quantities? No worries we can make that for you at a fair price! 

Contact: Pierfederico Ferrante
Tel: +41 21 561 32 23


Anything else we can help you with? Don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Tel +41 43 216 41 77

Website resources

You can use our logo and materials in all ways to enhance sales on your products.

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